About Most Funny Game GTA2


Gta 2 is developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar games at 30 September. Firstly released for Windows platform than 22 October 1999, released for play station. GTA 2 is a free world which players take duties or free in game.
The game is a retro funny games all matter taking place in a time nearly 2013. Firstly released GTA 1, 10 August 1997 and the last one of GTA series, GTA 5 released at 17 September 2013. The story in GTA 2, was passed “Anywhere in USA” according to owner website. You can play GTA 2, multiplayer or standalone. Also there are two different time mode in game: noon and dusk.
There are three levels in GTA game. First level, also known as common Downtown is a hub of business. Also there is a university at Downtown. The second level, Residential District also like a city, contains a prison, a trailer park, a pub named Disgracelands, a shopping mall also. The Third and last level is an industrial district contains a seaport, a temple, Nuclear Power Plant and a meat packing plant.
There are seven gangs in this game. Zaibatsu, Loonies, Yakuza, Russian Mafia, SRS Scientists, Rednecks, Hare Krishna. Each criminal gang in a different place in game. Each gang has different features.
There are mission for complete and when player completed mission earn points. Player can take duties from different gangs and can complete these duties with car games and various vehicles, or on foot. Player can proceed next level with collecting points. Although there isn’t save mode in GTA 1, added save mode to GTA 2. You must have 50.000 $ and entered a church, you can save game. Player can drive car. İf player drives car without killing anyone or breaking anywhere, gains bonusses from game.

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