Assassin’s Creed 4 Save Game (PS4)

a) “By The Book” ~ 100% Sync in all missions/memories. Just complete the final mission of the game (Sequence 12, Memory 4) and get the two extremely easy optional objectives. This trophy unlocks after the credits scrawl ends. This was quite the pain to get… lol.

b) “Just Like Starting Over” ~ Complete Sequence 12. You’ll get this once you complete that final mission listed above… completing the optional objectives or not.

c) “It’s All Good” ~ Complete Present Day Mission 5. After completing that final story mission, you’ll get a quick cutscene in the present day setting then you’ll be prompted to return to your Animus at your desk. Once you do so, you’ll get the trophy.

d) “Saw That One Coming” ~ Complete Sequence 13. After getting “It’s All Good,” there will be a cutscene, short credit scrawl combined with dialogue and then another short cutscene involving some familiar characters. After that last cutscene and the game return to a black screen credit scrawl, the trophy unlocks.

e) “Devil Of The Caribbean” ~ Destroy all 4 legendary ships. I’ve beaten 3 of the 4 and you’ll need to beat the last legendary ships in the Northeast part of the map… and they can be a headache, lol.

f) Also, these are already done in-game, but you could unlock trophies for having your ship fully upgraded, earning over 50,000 of the in-game money, having the Hunter suit crafted, having all forts captured, visited all areas of the game….. etc. etc. Basically, this save has every last single-player trophy unlocked except for the five I listed above.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Save Game (PS4) Download

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