Far Cry 3 Savegame Download

Far Cry 3 Savegame Download

The Game Done 97%, 3 Checkpoints

Far Cry 3. Save by Juve (from 10/02/18). Works only on RePack by R.G.Mechanics

Save №1 (The game is passed 97%)
Missions 38/38
Radio towers 18/18
Outposts 34/34
Relics 120/120
Missing letters 20/20
Memory cards 20/20
Tests of rakjat 12/12
Headhunting 24/24
The hunter’s way 23/23
Discharge of ammunition 19/19
Scene assignments 14/14
Skills 54/54
Recipes received 25/38
Weapons bought 42/43 (Perhaps this is a mistake, because all weapons bought)
Vehicles used 12/12

Save №2
This is the preservation with the mission of the hornets’ nest, where it is necessary to burn
cannabis. The flamethrower is skilled. He has 1999 patrons.

Save №3
Just the firts mission, nothing unusual

Far Cry 3 Savegame Download Download

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