Grand Theft Auto 5 Savegame Download 100%

Grand Theft Auto 5 Savegame Download 100%
All Game series done 100%

GTA III copy to GTA III/GTA Vice City/GTA San Andreas

GTA IV copy to GTA IV/GTA TLAD/GTA TBOG-(C:Documents and SettingsUser_nameLocal Settings
Application DataRockstar GamesGTA IV)
– Windows XP.
(С:UsersUser_nameAppDataLocalRockstar GamesGTA IVsavegames)
– Windows Vista/7/8/10.

GTA V copy to GTA V-(C:ProgramDataSocialclubPlayer271590 (there may be other numbers)-
or (С:UsersUser_nameMy DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA V).

GTA Vice City Stories copy to GTA Vice City Stories/GTA Liberti City Stories/GTA Chinatow wars, on the emulator PPSSPP- (PPSSPPPSPSAVEDATA).

GTA Advance on the emulator VBA- copy to the Desktop and in the upper left corner click File/Import/Battery file… and click OK

GTA I/GTA London 1969/GTA London 1961/GTA II-(GTA I/GTA London 1969/GTA London 1961)-(Game root folder/GTADATA), а (GTA II)-(Game root folder).

Grand Theft Auto 5 Savegame Download 100% Download

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