How to Play Candy Crush?

Firstly, getting started with the brain game , you need to get familiar with the game. You choose a level and a game board is displayed in front of you full of different candies, you should take a good look at it with concentration to notice how the candies are in specific places. You’ll see boundaries around which show candies can only be moved in the specific area. Secondly, you’ll notice on the top right corner of the game your target and below the bonus and moves, you get. To save the game data you should also connect it with Facebook to save. You can find like Candy Crush games on g2k .

Match Similar Candies
As you’ll notice that this game is simple and is played by swiping candies in any direction. When 3 or more candies are matched, the candies crush. If more than 3 candies are crushed different candy combinations are created.

Candy Combinations
By matching more than 3 candies different types of candy combinations are created. Like if you match 4 candies a striped candy is created which will finish a whole row or column when used. If 5 candies are matched in T or L shaped a wrapped candy is created which on using will explode 3×3 block twice. If 5 candies are matched in a single row a special candy called colour bomb is created. Using this candy with any candy finishes all the candies of that type in the game board. On matching two special candies a special effect will be created depending on which two special candies are matched.

Before starting a particular level you’ll see some boosters available. You can use them at that level to finish it with ease

Reach Set Goal
After selecting a level you’ll see every level has a set goal which you need to accomplish in the given moves or times.

Strategies to Win
To win you should carefully look at how to finish it in required time or moves and achieve the target too. In some levels, there are some complicated candies or dangerous bombs you should try to eliminate them first. You can also reshuffle if it looks challenging.

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