Igor The Game SaveGame Download

Igor The Game SaveGame Download.

Game Completed %100 and Unlocked all level.

Igor lures players through Malaria, a world where mad scientists create dubious inventions to compete in the annual Evil Science Fair. Igor, the movie, follows a hunchbacked lab assistant named Igor (voiced by John Cusack) forced to serve a mad scientist while dreaming of one day becoming a notorious mad scientist himself and winning the Evil Science Fair. In the Wii and PC versions of the game, players have the ability to choose one of the main characters (Igor, Eva, Scamper or Brain) and play either simultaneously or cooperatively with up to four people. They are challenged to play within locales from the film, fight enemies and achieve goals that advance them through the storyline. [SouthPeak Interactive]

How to install the savegame ?
1. extract the .zip archive
2. copy savegame files to => C:\Users\\AppData\Local\IgorTheGame\
replace by your username, example

Igor The Game SaveGame Download Download

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