Monster Hunter World Savegame Download

Monster Hunter World Savegame Download
Ultimate Save

Hello, i’ve been working on this save the last few days, which took me about 12 hours of editing… But here is the result!

About the save:
• 1x Character Edit Voucher avaible
• Name change possible
• Playtime: 166 hours
• HR 49
• Funds: 9.999.999 z
• Research Points: 9.999.999 pts

• Storage Box (Patch 6.00):
– Items: 999 stacks
– Ammo/Coatings: 999 stacks
– Materials: 100 stacks
– Decorations: 100 stacks

• Equipment:
– Weapons: All weapons of every weapon type on final tree stage!
– Armor: Same here… All armor pieces are on max. level! (Except the first 12 sets and no low rank armor, because the storage box is limited to 40 pages.)
– Charms: Same here again… All charms on max. level!
– Palico Equipment: All weapons & armor!
– Layered Armor: Samurai, Guild Cross, Blossom, Diver, Harvest, Orion, Gala Suit, Butterfly, Death Stench, Commission, Origin, Aloy, Ryu, Sakura, Dante, Shadow Shades

Monster Hunter World Savegame Download Download

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  1. ShiroEvely says:

    Hola buenas, al momento de colocar el link de descarga no sucede nada y no se descarga nada. ojala puedas darme alguna solución y de ante mano, muchas gracias

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