Oldies But Goldies


Video games area part of our lives in today’s world. The quantity and availability of cool games make them played by massive numbers of people. Video games emerged in 70’s and since then a lot of development and improvement have happened in the area: From arcade games to the simulations and high quality graphics. It is obvious that we have awesome games that are released with perfect graphic qualities; however, we can’t deny that “old games” were very satisfying and still worth to play. These “old games” are actually called Retro games and they are still available through flash games.

There are many old games which are still available. I will talk about some of them which are considered legendary by community. First one is The Space Invaders. This game is created by the Taito (a japan game developer) in the 1978. It is one of the oldest arcade game. The goal in the game is to shoot aliens that are coming from the sky with your laser gun to earn as many points as possible. This shooter game was very popular in those days which space themes were very interesting for people. Another classic is The Legend of Zelda. This wasn’t just one game but series of games. First game is released in 1986. This is a fantasy action – adventure game. Which has many puzzle solving parts.

Link is the only playable character in all games and the goal is to save Princess Zelda by proceeding through levels. This games has a lot of remakes and flash versions. New games are also released. Last ones are released in 2010’s which are not retro games anymore. Our third legend is Pac man. This game has also made by Japan firm Nintendo. It was an arcade game. Even the games goal looks simple, the never ending nature of the gamecreates the potential to turn into ambition. The goal is to control Pac Man in the maze and eat all the dots to finish stages. But 4 enemies (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde) struggle to reach you and if they touch you, you lose 1 life.

When all lives are lost, the game is over. Without denial it is a classic and a legend which is played by thousands. Another legend is Mario series. Mario is a platform action, adventure game series which includes lots of puzzle characteristics. First game was released in 1981 by Nintendo. Since that day many other games are released. Plots vary among them but the main story is saving Princess Peach form Bowser by playing Mario and his brother Luigi generally. Mario Game was a legend and has very hard levels which makes many people mad. But it I still loved by them.
These four games are just some of the retro games. These games were awesomeentertainment for some of us in the past and they are still for young people and adults. It is a great opportunity to be able to play them through internet (flash games).

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