Pokemon Types For Kids


Hello friends. Pokemon animated series is indispensable in our kids games. While watching the Ash’s adventure, all of us want to have a Pokemon, most of Pikachu. Our today’s article we’re going to introduce to Pokemontypes to you, through 493 imaginary Pokemon.
Fire Pokemon
Arcanine: Arcanine is the most powerfull fire Pokemon between all of the other Pokemons
Charmander: Charmander is one of the first Pokemons of Ash. Ash usually use Charmander in plants battle. The biggest enemy of Charmander is Dratinice. Complete development as the Charizard Charmeleon.
Entei: Entei is similar to lion and it live at volcano
Ho-oh: Ho-oh is the most powerfull fire pokemon monsters ever.
Vulpix: Vulpix has the seven tail and it sprays flame its mouth. It was presnted by a girl to Brook.
Magmar: Charizard defeated in a duel Magmar but few of us remember this Pokemon. Pokemon from the rising lava, Magby’s developed and finally turns into Magmortar.
Infernape: Infernape both fire and battle Pokemon so it contains a great offensive potential.
Electric Pokemons
Pikachu: Pikachu has blond feather and brown stripes on the back. Pikachu gives elektrik to outside the red dot from its cheeks. Pikachu with this electric, paralyzing the opponent temporarily. It is very fast so it surprised its opponent. Ash’s first Pokemon is Pikachu. Ash usually can not into the pokeball Pikachu so Pikachu walk with Ash in pokemon campaign In the next phase it returns Raichu
Magnemite: Magnemite has occurred from the metal. It stops the air using magnetic force.
Zapdos: Zapdos is a legendary electric Pokemon.
Water Pokemons
Squirtle:Shell on the back is its protect against attacks. Its basic attacks is water gun and water pump. In the next phase it return Wartortle and after that Blastoise.
Qwilfish: They attack throwingpoisonous needles in its body. They swim bad because of circular shape.
Krabby: Krabby similar is a crab. After that it turns into Kingler.
Beetle Pokemons
Caterpie: Caterpie evolve and become Metapod after that it become Butterfree.
Weedle: Pokemon is a poisonous seen in the forest. It evolves into Kakuna.
Poison Pokemons
Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur like Pokemon is blue-green spotted frog and a young dinosaur. Its eyes colour is red. The most important feature of this Pokemon, bulbs on the back. Bulbasaur from take the bulbs most of the skills. It evolves Ivysaur and Venusaur.
Arbok: In cartoon, in a bad character Pokemon of Rocket Team.
Grass Pokemons
Oddish: It wolk around actively at night. Daytime stays underground quietly.
Budew: They live in lakeside. Budew turn off the bud cold winter, as spring opening the buds pollen spread around pollen. Because of these pollen people catch a cold.
Stone Pokemon
Onix: It opens hollow in the soil while speeding 80 kilometers. Onix feds up with big rocks.
Flying Pokemons
Zubat: This Pokemon is poisonous and it can fly but it is weak. Evolutionary process is respectively; Golbat and Crobat.
Pidgey: This Pokemon owned by Ash, reaches Pidgeot, to protect to flock, divided over the Ash. It evolves Pitgeotto and Pidgeot.

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