Shenmue 3 Savegame Download

Shenmue 3 Savegame Download
some trophies

As for other Shenmue game, heres a little saveset for u.
U must get Babysitter for urself since i get it before starting this.

save 1 U re in front of a man, tank to him and chop some wood (aorund 50) for Chopping Master, then sell herbs to the same man till u get 1000 Yuan for Fat Cat, buy 10 and 100 oranges for Regular Shopper and Super Shopper

U must play till u get Verdant Bridge’s Secret sorry but i didnt know when the trophy pop

save 2 talk to the man and play minigames for Gon

save 3 Climb up the bell tower for Scenic Point and go on for Bailu Village (this is the last save in bailu. before climb u can free roam around and try to get all the herbs and fishing spots. i didnt by now)

save 4 Go in the big road and save the man for Dan

save 5 this probably have some tasks to do before going for Inseparable, its a story trophy but didnt know he pop

save 6 story trophy Yi
save 7 story trophy vip

save 8 modified save for Village Tycoon and City Magnate u can then convert money into tokens for Novice Gambler, Experienced Gambler and King of Gamblers, buy around 800 items in stores for Shopkeeper?

save 9 play with the capsule (with the hats) and hopefully u will get Capsule Fan
save 10 same as the other with buddhas Capsule Star

Save FISH I have modified myself an old save (apparently SW dont recognize saves after 10th) u can get Capsule Hero Buy one capsule everywhere, Technique Master buy one skill, Angler Extraordinaire fish once

Shenmue 3 Savegame Download Download

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    This is for PS4. Don’t you have one for PC?

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