Sniper Elite 3 Savegame 100%

Sniper Elite 3 Savegame Download

Completed 100% + DLC, realistic difficulty

Additional Tasks: 30/30
Playing cards: 20/20
Sniper Sockets: 32/32
Military diaries: 100/100
All modules to standard rifles
Level: 50 of 50

How to install:
Copy to
Steam: С:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\147869780\238090\
FitGirl Repack No Fix: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steam\CODEX\238090\
FitGirl Repack Online Fix: C:\Users\Ross_R\AppData\Roaming\SmartSteamEmu\238090\

Sniper Elite 3 Savegame 100% Download

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